Clean air Mist


HYGENIQ CLEAN AIR MIST is a 100% natural fogging liquid, highly suitable for protecting and cleaning ambient air, and all objects present in personal spaces. Ideal for use in places where larger groups of people are gathered, or confined spaces where many people come and go, including events, hospitality venues, hotel rooms, office buildings, airports, public transportations, and taxis, etc.

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  • Entirely plant based

  • Cleanses the air

  • Clinically tested

  • SAFE


  • Natural Cloud


Clean entire spaces effectively, quickly and safely? Visit the [HYGENIQ CLEAN AIR website]( "clean air website ENG") for more information.

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Perfect for the gym

Sporting activities help you strengthen your immune system. So we like to use products that further support your wellness. The HYGENIQ PERSONAL Hand lotions can be found at our entrance and throughout the gym there are a number of HYGENIQ PERSONAL hygiene mist products to sanitize the fitness equipment before and after use. At the end of the day we use the HYGENIQ CLEAN AIR fogger to clean the entire gym. Optimal hygiene and safety for our visitors and staff are priority. The HYGENIQ products fit perfectly to our own sustainable and environmental friendly mission.

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